If you ask me why I got into IT, I'd say it was a natural path for me.

As a kid, I discovered it as a hobby. I wanted to be like these cool hackers in movies. I still remember my very first programming language: QBasic. The internet is like a massive free university. I had so much fun learning C, C++, and PHPand working on tons of fun hobby projects at that time!

Naturally, I've been through a computer engineering degree at UTC, Compiègne, France. It was tough but enlightening. I had skills in different domains and this degree brought all the pieces together.

My first job as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP, London, was very challenging but it felt weird at the same time. The company, the people and the projects were awesome but I couldn't get used to professional software development. It was too different to what I used to like as a hobby. Maybe this job was not for me.

In 2018, cloud computing was trending and I had no experience with it. I joined D2SI (now Devoteam Revolve) as a junior cloud computing consultant where I worked on many different and challenging projects. As a consultant, I was the knowledgable guy. I discovered that I love teaching!

Finally, I had the opportunity to join AWS in 2020 as a Solutions Architect. I discover the business world thanks to this position. It's an awesome role to hone my business and teaching skills.

Now here I am! I can't wait to share what I learned with you!