The Ethics of Generative AI


BigData & AI

Jeudi 10:00 Jules Verne

Jen Looper

Jen Looper

AWSBoston, USA

In a brave new world filled with unattributed text, filtered images, remixed sounds, and bot-generated refurbished art, where do we find ourselves? Can we merrily maneuver through ChatGPT to generate all the written text we ever need, park on the Midjourney Discord server to gather all the art we might ever want to look at, and listen to endlessly sampled sounds that melt away into the void? How are we to find our moral bearings in a morass of an ai-generated reality? In this talk, I’ll walk through a framework around understanding various aspects of the ethics of moral philosophy, and then working backwards to understand where generative AI fits into this framework and whether we can find acceptable use cases for it.